When an innovation is proposed in a company, it is common for insecurity to appear. However, to be ahead is to risk and seek improvements to the internal environment of organizations.
One of the most widely used internal media today in corporations is email. Many issues are dealt with in this way, both internally and externally, as a means that also provides security.
But on the assumption that innovation is important for continued growth, internal communication can not be left out. Hence, instant messaging tools such as chats, for example, have emerged and presented benefits that many companies are looking for.
Many people today also use instant messaging applications and tools on social networks and for personal use, which makes it easy to adopt that medium of communication in organizations.
So why not bet on a corporate chat? Want to know how your day to day work can be better and more productive using this tool? We'll tell you now!

Save time

Exchanging information, files and discussing subjects via chat can be much faster and more convenient than emails.
Pay attention to this statistic: surveys show that employees spend 40% of their time just reading emails. How much of that time could be invested in other activities if the internal communication could be more agile?
Let's suppose that an employee needs to deal with some matter with a colleague from another department. Something that could take minutes can take days, depending on the medium used. Using a corporate chat, you can get immediate contact and gain time to perform other tasks.

Centralize communication

Another benefit of corporate chats is the ability to group your conversations with colleagues and groups in one place.
In addition, you can access the history of exchanged messages and sent files without losing information.
A multi-employee project requires clear and effective communication for positive results. A department also needs to be in tune to perform its job without complications.
Keeping that communication through emails in your inbox can be confusing and wasteful. With an internal chat, the contact between the team becomes more fluid and centralized, allowing easy access and reaching all.

Simplify decision making

Relying on another person to make decisions is common in business, and if it takes longer than necessary something simple can become complicated.
The idea of ​​chats is to simplify and unify. With this, the decision making can be communicated with greater agility through instant messaging. And this works even when some collaborator is outside the company, being able to view messages and answer them through the mobile.
Connections, lengthy meetings and emails do not allow the same speed, causing slowness and delay in internal processes of the organizations, which can compromise the whole company.

Noise Reduction

Since harming internal processes is not the intention, communication without noise is essential. Noise is what disrupts the understanding of the message, being emitted in one way and received from another.
With access to the message history, instant chatty chatter and organized conversations, misunderstandings can be avoided on a day-to-day basis. Less rework and more attention to other demands.
It is now clearer that this innovation we are talking about actually increases the productivity of any workforce.
Startups and companies have been adopting chats and tools of instant communication for the agility, practicality and the ability to uncomplicate the internal communication in the routine of work.


VTalk is the Vivaintra intranet chat. The tool has features that improve your internal communication, making everything much easier in your company.
Among the features available in vTalk are:
  • Individual and group conversations;
  • List of contacts by department;
  • Message notifications;
  • Favorite messages;
  • Send files;
  • Archive and clear conversations;
  • Emoji

In addition to these features, vTalk can be accessed through mobile devices and in the Vivaintra Intranet app.
Try Vivaintra chat with your co-workers and see how smooth, instant internal communication can increase productivity and focus on the organizational environment.