You agree that today's work environments have been transforming and adapting to new technologies, right? Organizational cultures are constantly changing and unaccompanied companies are left behind and undermined.
In this evolution, there are several ways a company can invest in increasing the productivity of a workforce, ranging from task managers to file repositories.
However, today I want to talk about something that is fundamental for employees to reach an increasing level of productivity: collaboration. A survey by Queens University points out that about 75% of employees rate teamwork and collaboration as "very important."
People do not want to work alone. They want other people to collaborate together to grow each other and also the company.
Collaboration is one of the factors being implemented in startups and companies around the world to leverage positive results and growth against competitors.

Greater participation

Employees need to be in touch with each other. A tool that fosters collaboration will involve the entire team in making decisions, brainstorming, building collective knowledge. Together they can think and produce better.
A digital environment that opens space for personal interaction between employees and also with the company will result in joint growth.

Agility in processes

Think about sharing files at once, accessing the same internal flows and direct and instant communication, and minimizing problems related to geographical barriers.
Thought? A team that helps itself can do more by spending less time on the company's daily activities and internal processes, being more agile and not extrapolating deadlines. Increased employee productivity will reflect competitive advantage for the organization.


We know that an engaged employee is undoubtedly productive. But if he is not yet engaged with the company and the routine of daily activities, there is still work to be done.
To engage, you must offer more than a good salary. The employee will improve his performance if he takes pleasure in being there and in fulfilling his tasks.
Collaboration within the work environment can get people's attention. Generating a sense of belonging, that your participation makes a difference will lead you to see your purpose within the company.
If he realizes that he is working for more than one salary, but that this will bring him growth and his role offers improvements to other people, engagement will be a consequence.

Social Platforms

The same study from the beginning of the text shows that 49% of millennials (generation from the 80s and accompanying technological innovations, even more in the workplace) support the use of social tools for collaboration at work.
Vivaintra's Social and Collaborative Intranet focuses on joint construction and collaboration among work teams. By using tools like Chat, Knowledge Base, Requisitions, Tasks, employees can be more productive and achieve better results for the company.
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