A company with many internal processes needs to be aware that there are fewer flaws and more success, right?
But sometimes they can go unnoticed, jeopardizing the flow of activities as well as the income of the company. Therefore, seeking to improve these procedures, companies seek to adopt solutions for this.
Among the recommended practices are Internal Audits. The practice is a requirement for ISO 9001 certification, which aims to improve the management of an organization through a set of standards.
In this post, you'll see how to make this improvement a reality in your company through audits and know a tool that facilitates this management.


What it is and the benefits

The audit was created as a way to ensure greater efficiency of the company, through analysis and evaluation of its internal processes.
It works as a means of identifying whether these procedures are being followed effectively and in accordance with company objectives and policies.
Conducting internal audits in your company will provide:
  • A systemic view and greater control of internal processes;
  • Bottleneck detection, being possible the resolution directly in the problem;
  • Reliable reports with data collected in audits;
  • Optimization of these processes, once the faults are being corrected;
  • Management is getting better.
Now you can agree that internal audits are very important controls for any company, be it of any size, right?
So it's time to get to know a tool that will automate and facilitate audits in any company: the Audaintra module, from Vivaintra.

Audit Module

By providing management with a practical way to analyze processes more accurately, with time and financial savings, this module provides key functionalities for a complete and assertive assessment.
Create audit types in the Admin Panel for each procedure or industry in your company by adding the Area, Description, Evaluation Criteria, and Checklist.
These created types serve as templates so that more audits of the same type are created within the module with greater agility.
The Evaluation Criteria are created along with items, which will be the predetermined answers for each criterion, being possible to add comments in each one. In the checklist are also added items referring to the control to be evaluated.
At the end of the audit, an Opinion can be written and submitted along with the answers. All evaluations are saved in the File tab and can be accessed by the managers who created them.
With the functionality offered by the module, it is easier to assist the company's employees in the performance of their daily activities.
Greater control of processes will result in more chances of finding the flaws and solving them, bringing credibility and efficiency to the company.
In addition to these modules, Vivaintra also has other tools that increase the productivity of your company, such as Tasks, Requisitions and Chat. Want to try Vivaintra? Make your registration and start using it on time!