We know that when you start using a new tool in our day to day, it takes time to adapt, to know all the features and to explore the best you can offer us.
When it comes to hiring an intranet in your company, it is fundamental to plan this process of choosing and hiring, so that the chosen platform is the one that best suits your industry, your team of employees, the culture of the company.
A tool that does not fit the profile of your company and does not meet your needs will bring headache and financial loss. That's not what your company wants, right?
To help you, let's take 7 important tips when choosing and hiring an intranet for your organization. Come on?

1) Know your goals

If you want to use an intranet in your company, you've probably opted for this platform to solve a problem or streamline your team's revenue, right? So the first step is to have well aligned what the goals the company wants to achieve.
Each company and sector have their specific characteristics, so you must observe your company, your employees, customers, so that you can set concrete and essential goals for your company to grow.
Knowing and aligning your goals will help you choose the right service for your needs, making your choice a success!


2) Training and adaptation

We talk about what news brings a period of adaptation, and this is normal. Therefore, when hiring an intranet, be sure to ensure that all employees receive training on how to use the platform.
You might even think that this would disrupt the workflow or that it would take unnecessary time, but keep in mind that a training will in the future provide better use and mastery of the platform, which will reduce errors and rework, generating good results for the company.

3) Knowing the tools

A complete intranet brings several tools that seek to facilitate the internal communication of a company and optimize the work routine.
Each one of them has its functionalities, from simpler to more complex and complete, that require more dedication. So, know the tools available, take tests to understand how they work, and so take full advantage of their advantages.

4) Identifying possible problems

Even with several tools available, it may be that the novelty does not fully address any of your company's needs.
But do not be terrified that the intranet was a bad idea. Many service providers offer the option of customizing your intranet to meet your company's requirements and flows.
Identify the faults and customize your platform to have better internal management of your company.

5) Migration to the new system

Some information, files and streams will need to be transferred to your new intranet system, which will require a period for this "reform".
What can you do in the meantime? Take advantage of this period so that your team of employees can become familiar with the new platform, adjusting to the system, being able to compare similarities and differences between new and previous.
In this way, they will also be able to see that the company is growing and always trying to change for the better.

6) Induce team use

In order for the implementation and use of the intranet to be a success in the company, contributing to reach those objectives defined in the beginning of the process, the employees need to use it.
Remember: for them to use, the platform must meet their needs, be constantly updated with information and content relevant to the company, as well as being a space for collaboration, nice layout, and easy usability and navigation.
It is not possible to separate the success of the intranet from its use by the collaborators. If your team becomes interested and sees that the platform meets the day to day needs, you are on the right track. You can see in this post some tips on how to attract your employees to the intranet.

7) Have accessible support

Also look for companies that provide an accessible and readily available support service.
Good support will be available to help your business if you have a need or problem on your intranet. If you are hiring an intranet service that does not have phone or SLA for easy access, better rethink your choice.


Hiring an intranet is not something from day to night. Planning is important so that your implementation is a success from the beginning of the engagement.
By following the steps above you can have an efficient hiring process to choose the platform that will meet the needs of your company, generating positive results.
Also, research, analyze, test a tool or even request a demonstration of the intranet you want to hire.
Still want to know how an intranet offers solutions for your company? Download our guide and see how you can improve your work environment.