In October, the world celebrates the October Rose movement, which seeks to raise awareness among women about breast cancer prevention.
During this period, companies and organizations meet and take action to promote the movement, also stimulating the participation of the population in the cause. Have you considered using the means that your company has to join the movement?
One of these means is the intranet that your company uses. There are several ways you can engage your team in October, and we want to give you some tips on how to do this. Come on!

Customize your intranet

This month, many companies use pink to refer to the movement and show their support for the cause.
How about leaving the intranet you use with the pink color? This customization feature allows employees to see the engagement of the company and whenever they access the platform remember the prevention that the movement seeks to raise awareness.
With Vivaintra, for example, your intranet might look like this:
Cool, is not it? If you already have a Vivaintra intranet, you can do so through your Administrator Panel.

Inform employees

It is part of the awareness to inform and educate the population about the prevention campaign. Some features that the intranet provides provide this:


How about a hotsite on your intranet to create content during the month of October for the women of your company, informing about the October Rose movement and breast cancer?
You can post news, photos, polls, send warnings and create your own visual identity. With this feature, you allow interaction with your team by attracting attention.


Posting videos helps attract employees - for both the cause and the intranet. Videos from experts, or even internal managers, and campaigns on the subject instigate curiosity and keep everyone informed in a dynamic and interesting way.


Think of publications such as the social networks you and your team use outside the company.
In this social section of the intranet, the communication / marketing department can create posts that generate engagement with employees, seeking to raise awareness in a fast and attractive way.

File Directory and Library

In the directory you can create a folder with educational documents about breast cancer prevention and share with the entire company.
As the internet is packed with articles, infographics and documents focused on the theme, you can select them and make them available for download on your intranet.
If you have journals and printed materials, you can also disclose it in the Library and make it available for loans, generating interaction between people and departments.
These resources allow to demonstrate to all employees the care that the organization seeks to have with them and also the relevance of the theme to the company!
It is important to take advantage of and exploit the resources that a complete intranet offers, seeking to attract employees to the causes that the company supports and also in the use of the platform.
Did you know that you can test Vivaintra in a free version and see that a collaborative intranet contributes to employee productivity and engagement? Sign up and start using it right away!