A company with a well-aligned and engaged team can grow and produce with more quality and in less time. But many organizations today suffer from the lack of employee engagement.
In addition, the lack of engagement in the workplace creates several problems for the company. Does your company suffer from it?
We list some problems businesses may experience if employees are not engaged. Keep reading and see if where you work that happens!

Rotativity of your team

A process of hiring new employees takes time, money and energy from the company and the employees themselves responsible for it. But if there is a lot of turnover and the contracted employees end up leaving the company, this is likely to be a problem caused by lack of engagement.
People who do not feel connected to their work do not find many reasons to remain there.

Less and less productivity

Your employees will not produce more and better if they are not engaged. Managers want their teams to produce with quality, as well as using the productivity indicator in feedbacks. But if the company does not seek to have a strategy to engage employees, the result will not be as expected.
Think of strategy, how to apply it, and then reap the rewards of a productive workforce.

Millennials turnover

Companies are increasingly hiring the millennials and these professionals can not be ignored. They are open to new ideas, creative and understand technology very well. However, they tend to be more demanding about the workplace and their culture. So what to do?
The company environment should also suit these professionals and create strategies to engage them (as already mentioned in the item above). If you ignore them, they will not stay with you.

Little collaboration

Collaboration in the work environment results in jobs with better quality, creative solutions and innovative ideas. Therefore, managers should not stop fostering collaboration. However, there is only effective collaboration when employees are engaged and aligned with the company.
Not being engaged causes your employee to become discouraged and unwilling to work with others. And who gets the negative result is the company itself.

No new employees

Think about it: when you see a company that does not have employee retention, you think there's something wrong, right? Would you send resume to apply for a position in a company like this? Look, I do not think so ...
Yeah! If your company does not seek to engage the talents it already has, it will end up losing other talents out there! And new collaborators can bring new ideas, processes ... and all this damage for lack of engagement of your team!

Poor customer service

Ever heard that happy co-worker means happy customer? So record this and do not let your employees disengaged, because once in that state, they will not strive to offer good service to their customers.
And let's face it, customers out there do not want to deal with poor customer service. If this is what you find in your company, they will go elsewhere with a negative image of your company.

Frequent absenteeism

If you have people on your team who are disengaged and do not like the work environment, be prepared to see employees not showing up for work and not feeling bad about it.
Remember that absenteeism (absence at work or duty) and lack of engagement are walking side by side, hampering any organization.

No progress

Even with talented collaborators, everyone is capable of improving. When team members improve in what they do, the whole company is benefited. But being in constant development requires motivation, and motivation comes when your employees are engaged.
Who does not do what they want or do not like, will see no reason to improve. That is, if you want an increasingly qualified team, engaging them is essential in this process.

Harder people to deal with

You, who are leaders, must have worked with more resistant, less manageable people, right? And the lack of engagement does this with your team. Engaged co-workers listen to their ideas, fix problems, quietly criticize ... but the opposite is also true.
And people who are hard to work with will affect positivity in the work environment, discouraging even other employees.

Low quality products and services

Along with providing great customer service, is producing quality products and services, and this is produced when you have great employees in the company. But even good professionals can end up failing in companies that do not seek to engage their employees.
Without good professionals engaged, you will not be able to offer something that catches the attention of your customers.
Lack of engagement is a real problem and it happens in many companies. But for this to happen less and less in yours, here is a list of ideas on how to engage your team and have collaborators that in fact make your company stand out:

Ideas on how to improve the engagement of your team

Give voice to your collaborators

Your team certainly wants to be able to work in an environment where they can give their opinion, be heard and realize that this is valued by their managers. Creating a culture where everyone truly collaborates with the development of co-workers and with the company will make a difference when it comes to engaging your employees.
Feeling ignored will only make them unwilling to cooperate either for the growth of the company or the customers, which can be detrimental to the organization.

Encourage them to get to know each other

It is important that company leaders encourage employees to get to know each other. Have you ever thought about a work environment where employees do not communicate and do not know their colleagues? This does not seem to appeal to anyone who spends most of their day in such an environment.
If you want your employees to be engaged with the company, provide times when your team can get to know each other, exchange knowledge, ideas. That way, they will help each other, create a collaborative culture and cooperate together for the growth of the organization.

Reward for the job well done

Feedbacks are important in any relationship, and in the work environment these returns need to be done regularly. By receiving compliments or constructive criticism, employees will be motivated to continue good work and even improve.
One tip is, in addition to feedback, reward for work that is well done. Pay attention to the people who work in your company. If you notice someone who stands out and is in constant progress, give some reward! It can be a bonus, a gift, something that shows the company thanks and realizes its dedication.
In addition, others will be encouraged to engage even more in their activities. A culture of recognition will greatly contribute to the engagement of its employees.

Invest in collaboration

Having people who help you and collaborate with your activities in the workplace is a good thing and it raises the level of employee engagement. Therefore, the company needs to be attentive to internal processes and to enable collaboration between teams.
Besides motivating the employees, it adds a lot to the quality of the products and services that will be produced. If two heads think more than one, why not invest in collaborative tools and processes in the organizational environment?

Make clear the goals and responsibilities

Have you ever seen anyone complain about doing the work that was not yours? Sometimes it happens, but if this is frequent, the motivation of your employees will only decrease. Having the job descriptions and scoring the responsibilities and goals of each employee can help in the development and fulfillment of tasks, as well as avoiding misunderstandings.

Offer and encourage trainings

If you can make your employee feel valued, you're on the right track. One way to do this is to show that you care about your professional career by offering training, training ...
Obviously, developing your employee's skills will benefit the company, but think further: seek to value the employee who contributes effectively to your company. A more skilled employee applies their knowledge to the company and disseminates it to co-workers.

Give preference to the internal public

When there are vacancies available in a position or department in your company, how does the selection process work? Do you open opportunity only outwardly?
Know that promoting an employee to a particular vacancy or opening the selection process internally first can make a difference. This shows that you also value who is already in there and enables growth for the professional.

Conduct competitions

Engage your employees in your company and in your culture with creativity and new ways of engaging them. For example, internal contests can be a good way to unwind and show that the workplace does not have to be a boring and monotonous place.
A contest of photos or videos, involving even family and friends of employees, contributes to show that the company cares not only about the well-being of its clients, but mainly about who makes the company walk: the employees themselves!

Involve the team in company decisions

Many employees have direct contact with the clients of the company and so they end up knowing very well what the target public of the company seeks, desires, what they do not like ...
So there's no way out of some of the company's important processes. They can collaborate very richly for the success of the company by giving opinions based on the behavior of the customers.
Of course this is just one way to do this. Engaging employees in company decisions is to value their staff and the knowledge they have gained in their work, right?
As we see, there are several reasons not to leave your employees unmotivated. Not being aware of the factor engagement in your team can bring harm to the company, and the repercussions can worsen the situation.
But there are also countless ways to keep your company engaged with employees! Remember that for this is important communication between employees and managers, in addition to a comfortable and harmonious work environment.
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