Organizing and managing day-to-day tasks are practices that help a lot when it comes to being more productive and completing them on time.
When there is more than one person engaged in some activity, this management gets a bit more difficult to organize, right?
For these reasons the Tasks module is one of the most sought and used here in Vivaintra. So we are always developing new features to make it more and more complete and suitable for companies of all sizes and segments.
Let's see what's new?
Indicators in the inbox
Right in the inbox, you can see how many projects or areas you are participating in, what to do and what to do. There is also a graph containing the number of activities per area / project.
Area / project page
Involving a team in some activities demands organization to accomplish them without errors and confusion.
To help this, in the page of each area / project we separated the information in 3 tabs:
When you are on the page of an area or project, you can see indicators that show you the number of tasks per status, as well as a chart that includes the completed and unfinished, providing an overview of how the project / area is running .
In this same tab there is a box with details, such as description, status and the people involved. Beside you can see the last activities performed within that area / project, for example: when someone created, commented, assumed and completed some task.
The list or kanban with all the tasks within that area / project.
The report tab provides information that pertains to each participant, as well as estimated and worked hours in the area / project to date.
A box brings the amount of tasks delivered within the set deadline, estimated hours, and the hours that were performed. These indicators reveal how each task in the area / project is being carried out, whether they are being carried out within the established time, or those responsible have presented losses in the deadlines.
Just below the box, a report from each participant, with completed, delayed, and open job information, plus hours spent on all of them.
Delivery deadline and project estimate
At the time of creating a task, the user can put estimate and deadline for the delivery date. This information is available in both kanban / block form and list. Thus, as soon as the person in charge receives the notification of a new task, he is already aware of its deadline and the urgency of the delivery.
Estimate without starting the activity
For this person in charge of the task, you do not need to start it to add a delivery estimate.
If you are in the middle of other activities, for example, you can review the new task and already set a deadline so that the user who created it can know when it will be delivered.
These are the new features of Vivaintra's Tasks. What do you think?
It does not matter if most of your activities are done by you alone or as a team, this module assists with the organization and provides reports to find out how to improve its execution, finding flaws and thus increasing productivity.
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