A corporate TV is a tool that allows the creation of an internal TV channel to create a medium of communication and information, and even to foment the culture of the company.
Many companies use a TV for both internal and external audiences. So in this post we will give some tips of content to be broadcast on your company's TV focusing on the two audiences.
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Internal audience

Providing a corporate TV in the workplace, directing its content to employees of the company, can contribute a lot to keep everyone informed and involved with what happens in the organization.
Content Tips for Inner Audiences:

New contributors

Perform a process of integration with new employees of the company enables a new experience for those who are coming. It makes them feel more easily part of the team and learn about the company culture.
Make available who are the new members of the company on TV, for all other employees, promote integration among all of them! This creates a better engagement between newbies and veterans, making this reception more warm and contributing unlearned.

Birthdays of the day / month

Most people like to celebrate and celebrate as people around them. In the same way that the previous item leaves as more exciting receptions, announcing the birthdays shows that a company cares and wants to celebrate together with them!
This increases the employee's engagement with a company by generating a sense of belonging to a team.

Jobs open

Your employees and your company are your products and services. And not only so, but also know your skills and more information.
So when the company with open vacancies, what about publicize as opportunities for the internal public before? Hire a new employee who does not have the same knowledge that is a veteran and more laborious and costly for the company, also taking more time from the rest of the team.
Use a corporate TV to publicize these vacancies, promote the development of your employees as well as media growth!


With so many virtual tools, physical murals are already available in some work environments.
By providing a corporate TV to your internal audience, take advantage of this feature and colloquial important notices from various departments, involving HR, security, day card, company training ... there are several types of warnings that may arise in each company , and Corporate TV helps a lot to spread a message!

Company Actions and Campaigns

Make it known as company actions and campaigns through TV! It is common in many organizations like winter clothing collection campaigns, for example, and publicizing this at various places in the company helps to engage the sectors in the cause.
This is another way of creating and engaging employees in the company's campaigns, promoting their engagement and collaboration.


Think about it: a culture of recognition in your company shows appreciation with employees, and it's great to be recognized for a good job! Many managers talk about the importance of recognition and how people seek to be recognized. And the job market is no different.
But that's okay with that, right? Congratulate and acknowledge the efforts of a manager, employee, team member, for well-done, results-oriented jobs. After all, they worked hard and deserve it!
This will motivate not only those who have been recognized, but the rest of the company as well, by seeing that managers are always watching their teams and valuing their work.

New clients

If everyone in the company cooperates together to reach new customers, retain current ones and decrease churn (number of customers who stop buying from you or use their services), publicizing new customers is an interesting option to keep the company up to date.
In addition, the company that discloses this type of information demonstrates that it only got new customers because everyone has committed and this is a result of the whole company, not just some. This is to value the employee and help retain the internal talents.


If you want to engage your employees even more by using corporate TV, count on them to create content!
It can be in some campaign, some message of the day or some commemorative date, use who is already with you and involve them in the internal communication of the company.

External Audience

There are companies that also use the resources of corporate TV for the external public, such as in waiting rooms, for example. The customer arrives in your company and can know more about your company, what it is doing, indicators, among others.
So let's look at some content tips for this audience:

Institutional video

To show the mission, values, culture, products and services that the company commercializes, testimony of the CEO, all this fits within an institutional video.
Carrying this content on the TV to the outside public discloses and reinforces the company's image. Think about reaching your persona, your target audience. Even while they are at your reception, they can still be more impacted and informed about your company, helping you on your journey to becoming a loyal customer.

Word of the President

Customers like to see who is behind the products and services they consume, who had the idea, who manages ... The word of the president can be constructive in the engagement of the client with the company, in addition to generating greater reliability.

Success Cases

Are there any happy clients? So it's time to use this case of success to publicize your company and help other potential customers how your solution can help them!
This type of content is easier to produce if you have both human and technical resources. If you have, do not waste time. But if not, think of simpler ways to convey happy customer testimonials on your corporate TV. Get the attention of outside audiences by showing that your products / services are being used, approved and recommended!


Make corporate TV something interesting for your outside audience. One of the ways is to provide news of the day using reliable sources of information, weather, local information about the city, among others.


You can, instead of an electronic panel, take advantage of the corporate TV to make the password call, organizing your waiting room.


No more printing papers or plates and put on the wall to divulge network name and password of the wifi! Corporate TV is a great way to centralize this information along with others, in addition to leaving your physical environment less polluted!


A corporate TV is a good ally in the company's internal communication, as it involves employees, demonstrates appreciation, generates a sense of belonging and team, resulting in greater engagement.
With the external public, this feature helps in the dissemination of the company, entertainment for the clients, and also in the organization of the environment where these clients are received.
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