Teams that work together are able to increase the company's productivity and bring better performance to employees. When there are well-structured working groups, coexistence in the work environment becomes markedly better, which is very important for the employee's well-being and efficiency.
Want to improve the integration of your team? See these tips we have prepared for you.

Invest in communication

Efficient communication helps ensure that there is no noise among employees, which can cause misunderstandings and hamper productivity. Therefore, the exchange of information clearly has a high level of importance at the time of the file.
The hiring of an intranet contributes significantly to the development of internal communication, which results in engaged teams prepared to solve problems.
With the use of a dynamic tool, the dialogue can establish relationships that will create an environment conducive to team integration.

Meet Team Participants

Each one deals with situations differently, so know who your collaborators are. Data such as personality, behavioral characteristics and professional career are welcome. This information will enable your business to have data to optimize internal relationships.
The employee needs to understand that he is not just one more in the team, but rather that he makes a difference to the evolution of the company. Paying attention to the profile of each one improves the relationship between bosses and employees, so you will have a sense of what to expect from each employee in different situations.

Give voice to employees

Employees are the key to integration, and many of them have something to say to collaborate, but they must first be heard. Ask the members' opinions whenever possible, so they will recognize that they make a difference at work.
The team's point of view matters significantly, thinking that teams are formed by these individuals who witness different situations every day. It is essential to know what they also think about the rapprochement of other employees.

Solve conflicts

Transferring problems later is not a good idea. Conflicts can create unnecessary disruptions that you are able to keep away from collaborators. The tip is simple: if an obstacle appears, resolve it before it takes on an undue proportion.
Employees will work better with no issues totally dispensable surrounding them and a good leader has a responsibility to resolve the deadlocks. Be objective in resolving a conflict, so you will achieve your goals without major involvement. Remember that the collaborators need a figure that conveys safety when making decisions.

Events are welcome

Travel, congresses, presentations and other corporate events make the participation of the groups increase. They help in the approach, since it is a different environment from what everyone is accustomed to.
Fellowships are also accepted to integrate employees. They contribute to endomarketing and make employees aware of other members. Besides being a space where people are more comfortable and do not have to worry about formalities. It's a way to get distracted and rest from the worries of everyday life. Finally, the social gatherings are very suitable to stimulate the well-being of the collaborators.


In order to integrate the teams within the company, it is necessary the commitment of the groups, besides the active participation of a boss who strives to make the approach possible. Engaged and committed leaders are poised to make integration a reality within the company. As the link between groups grows, the work will be more productive and satisfying.
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