The performance evaluation was developed to calculate the competence and capacity of the employees. It consists of an evaluation developed by supervisors or senior managers that gives employees more concrete feedback on the performance in question.

Know the difference: Feedback differs from this practice because performance evaluation is much more objective in relation to results, while feedback analyzes together other elements of the individual's behavior within the company.
Motivation is the factor that comes into play when this type of evaluation is done, because it should encourage an improvement in the performance of the work, since the actions of the employees affect the company directly. Its purpose is more comprehensive than just evaluating, with the focus on improving the functions performed, it also intends to train and train.
This is the supervisor's best way to show that he is inside the employee's actions, as he recognizes and highlights his efficiency. There is also the narrowing of the communication between evaluator and evaluated. It is interesting to explain to team members what the purpose of evaluation is for the company, what it will do, what will be analyzed, and finally, how the analysis works. Understanding the dynamics of evaluation, the employee will understand its importance.
The method allows the recognition of new talents, making possible the internal reorganization of the collaborators. To congratulate the organization's highlights, it is interesting to provide rewards and rewards.
The practice is important to end the subjectivism that lies on the thinking of employees. This is the moment for them to see the result of their efforts in effect and to eliminate their hunches.
What do employees think about performance appraisal?
A research project published by the Symposium on Excellence in Management and Technology in 2015, in which a field research was carried out in a certain company with 12 employees, separated some data on the opinions of the individuals regarding the performance evaluation, check the chart Next:


After reviewing the importance of performance assessment, learn how to do it properly with the tips we have prepared for you:
Be objective and transparent
This is the purpose of performance evaluation: its objectivity. Therefore, present the results in a clear, uncomplicated and coherent way, the purpose is to make evaluation more comprehensible so that employees do not have doubts about what was pointed out.
Pay attention to the quantity and qualities of tasks being developed
Taking care of employees is essential to finding out if they are doing the job. Observe both the quantity of tasks performed and the quality, after all the activities with the final result of low quality is as harmful to the company as its non-achievement.
Identify strengths and weaknesses
Everyone has points that stand out. Try to identify them to better understand why some situations occur in such a way for the employee. Some have higher skills in certain areas and consequently will have more agility to perform certain tasks. Learn to value the particularities of each one so that the evaluation is fair.
Analyze the evolution of the collaborator
There is no use in making an evaluation without thinking about the progress that has been made. Take into account the achievements of the employee since joining the company, it is worth analyzing this evolution to make comparisons. This is a very important point: in parallel with other team members, the individual may not be among the best results, but individual growth is very relevant at the time of evaluation.
Use evaluation to set goals for employees to grow
The evaluation helps the creation of goals, considering that it creates indicators for management. The goals point to the achievements that need to be achieved in a given time frame, having knowledge of what each individual is producing, goal setting becoming easier, given that you will know what the individual's chances are, the


Check out the Vivaintra scheme:





It is necessary that the evaluation of performance is a daily practice within the company. By acquiring this habit, the organization can reap the rewards of having employees committed and dedicated to their work. Remember that for this, it is important to follow the tips that we separate so that you make an appropriate assessment and do not commit injustices. Adopt the evaluator's posture and observe, verify and analyze the circumstances.
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