The internal communication allows in your company all the contact between employees and organization gaining a considerable increase in productivity and the alignment of all sectors of the company. In addition, good internal communication will promote greater engagement in the objectives of employees in their tasks.

An internal communication failure will present as one of its main consequences something that is easy to identify: the noises. They are related to problems in the transmission of messages that distract attention and hinder employees while they are performing their tasks.



Restless environment

When the workplace is very noisy, where there is a large influx of people, causing distraction in the receiver, which will understand only part of the message sent by the communicator. In addition, a direct message can be sent to several people. Then, for the total understanding and assimilation of those who receive, it is necessary that the environment be calm and balanced, without other agitations that could damage the understanding.

Moment of message

On certain occasions, a message may be emitted where the receiver may be focused on another subject or not be attentive to the sender, causing noises, such as: parallel conversations, other tasks and activities, may be on the telephone with a client, and do not pay content transmitted by the communicator.

Type of language

The terms used to convey the messages are important. If the sender uses terms that are unfamiliar to the recipient, the message will not matter as it will not be understood by the recipient.

Thus, there are some tools that help in reducing these elements that cause failures in the transmission of messages. The intranet is one of them, since it has great participation in the management of internal communication.



The Intranet is critical to information sharing, so it is replacing print media.


It facilitates the organization, providing services communicated to all employees.

Agility and Optimization

In addition to being agile, Intranet optimizes numerous processes at the same time. Disclosure of what happens inside the company, notices stop circulating on the murals, integration of different departments.

Cooperation and Coordination

Also, the implantation of an Intranet in the companies facilitates the cooperation and coordination between the employees, that consequently diminish the unwanted chatter and offers opportunity for the internal public involvement.

Bring together your team and the departments involved to think about how to improve communication processes within your company!

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