Use o seu e-mail corporativo para acessar sua intranet.

Use o seu e-mail corporativo para acessar a intranet.

Privacy Policy is a private company, formalizing herewith the Data Privacy Declaration of our clients, aiming to show seriousness and professionalism in the performance of our entrepreneureal activity. Before our solid objectives, we made our "Data Privacy Policy" public, commiting and obliging ourselves to follow the guidelines, as well as to employ the highest efforts to provide a safe virtual environment, in which the data conceded to our "VIVAINTRA" is kept private.

What we colect

Vivaintra collects data from your webpage visitors, clients registered to our services, as well as also collecting data from the companies which they represent or are collaborators.

Data provided by you

At the time you get in contact with us, we may request you to provide some information such as your name, company name, email, telephone number and address. When you request the usage of our services or initiate the usage of some of them, we may request further information, such as billing information, company registration data, personal registration data,c ompany employees data, among others. We may request some more information later on, as well as during the usage of our services.

Data coming from browsing or using our services.

We can collect data about the services you use and how you use them when you are visiting our webpage or making use of our services. This data can be collect by sing a wide range of technologies, such as:

Device information: This is the data about hardware, software and operational system from the device you use to access our services, as well as network data (Including telephone number) or unique device identifiers.

Browsing information: While you browse our webpage or make use of our services, we can collect data such as:

•Details on how you browse, check or use our services.

•Your IP address

•Information about faulty device events, system activity, hardware setup, browser type, browser idiom, date and time of your request and reference URL.

•Actions that your perform on our page or services. (visited webpages, URLS and clicked links)

•• Cookies: We use cookies for the single identification of the device accessing our services, however, we can also associate cookies to your personal identification, such as login data, name and account data.

Information about your company and business

All the information collect by the usage of our service, known as VIVAINTRA, are considered confidential. Such data include apps and tasks data, messages, files, contact list, commitments, employees data, forms and other data that you share when using our services. We will collect these, and make use of them only when seem as necessary, in an effort to provide appropriate support, aiming to antecipate, diagnose, assist and fix any type of trouble which may restrict that we service our clients well, reduce our product quality or in case such information is legally required.

In case it is made necessary, we can allow our employees to access your business data in the situations mentioned above.

What we do we such data

We will use the information which we collect to provide, protect, mantain and improve our services and business model. We will also use such information as to offer a more customized service and customer service. We may as well use these information for marketing purposes, as getting in contact to you through the details you gave us, or sending you any notification we may consider relevant. When you get in contact with us, we may keep a history of our entire conversation as to assist you with any problems you may have. We may yet transfer, store and use your information abroad, thus abiding to the legislation of that country.

Data sharing

We may share our clients information with our service providers or partners, in such a manner that they may get in contact with you through such data given by you. Besides that, we may share such details with our partners as to give you support or to guarantee the quality of such details.

Data Security

We work so that we can ensure that the information provided in our services is kept safe in the best possible manner, so that we take some extra care such as using SSL enconding in many of our services, encryption and password shuffling techniques, access restriction to our system, amongst many other measures. Your details will not be sold, rent or exchanged for profit with any other institution. We are completely against send Spams, thus we will never do it.

Communication preferences

Most of our communication with you will happen rather through our internal assistance system. However, in some cases we may send you some advertising to your email account. On these emails, there will be a link for you to request the cancellation of such type of messages. Nevertheless, we may yet send you emails, get in contact to you via telephone or by any other ellectronic means to solve any finnancial, registral or technical issues, as well as to get feedback from you so that we can improve our system. These types of communication messaging are generally sent to the email accounts defined by you or by the manegement personnel of the company you work for, being it their own responsibility to request the cancellation or the alteration of how it occurs.

Terms alteration

We can change this declaration from times to times. We will post any changes to our privacy policy on this page and, if there are significative changes, we will provide a more noticiable notification (including in some cases, notification through email).

Curitiba, 27 de Abril de 2015.